Softskill Penulisan Bahasa Iklan: SCRIPT YourZone Energy Drink

Nama : Anggiana Yuanita Fardhani

NPM : 11614238

Kelas : 1SA06

Off Screen:

Director: DelsyAnditaGouw

Assistant Director: PipinAnjarsari

Cameraman: Katrina Desiree

On Screen:

Student 1: Tiara Andita

Student 2: AnggianaYuanita

Student 3: NisrinaAyuLatifa

Professor: Muhammad Fadhil

On a hot, tiring school day..

(The students are sitting on their desks. They are bored, tired, and sweaty. All of the students are fanning themselves with pieces of scrap paper.)

Student 1: Oh God, it sure is a hot day guys. Do you feel the heat? Or is it just me?

(Other students nod their heads)

(Professor walks in with books in hand)

Professor: Good afternoon class! Today we’ll be studying mathematics! ”

(Students sigh unbearably. Then the professor starts writing on the whiteboard. Even the professor is sweating, and he soon wipes his sweat off of his face)

Student 2: *thinks aloud* I’m too hot to function. The heat is just unbearable! I’m thirsty, sleepy, and studying math is the LAST thing I want to do!

Student 3: *thinks aloud* If only I could have something to drink. Anything refreshing….

(As if the professor can read their minds, he suddenly stops writing. The students are confused. Then out of nowhere, the professor takes out YourZone Energy Drinks for the class. He then slams one on Student 1’s table)


(Students fall from their chairs, over reacting. Student 1 takes the bottle and drinks it. After taking several gulps she starts feeling the energy kicking in. Student 2 and student 3 then take a gulp and join student 1. All the students stand on their chairs and start to dance uncontrollably. Professor joins the dance)

Narrator (Professor dubbing):  *Professor looks into camera and starts moving his mouth, in reality the one speaking is the narrator) YourZone! The energy drink that keeps you moving! Filled with vitamins and electrolytes to fill up your energy. To give a kick to your tiring day!

Professor: Okay that’s enough guys… Back to Mathematics!

(Students all look at each other and sigh deeply)


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