Softskill: KFC Logo




Hello everyone, now I’m going to discuss about the meaning of the logo owned by famous fried chicken restaurant in the world that is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Maybe we ask who the bearded male figure in the KFC logo. Actually, he was a Colonel Colonel Sanders, KFC original recipe inventor. Colonel Sanders, a pioneer in the fast-food restaurant became a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit. And certainly we asked why they wear red for the background, and there are black and white? Meaning of the red color in the logo is opinionated, dynamic and confident. The red color easily attract attention and lust. Many of food businesses using dominant color red because it is believed to increase the appetite of buyers, look at the color of pizza hut, McD is also red. Black means authoritative, disipin and strong-willed. Black symbolizes elegance (Elegance), Prosperity (Wealth) and sophistication, shows that the firm, elegant, and exclusive.And then white, color holy and clean, natural. White can be combined with any color.


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