Business Meeting Video Analysis

The video is entitled “A Team Meeting”. Quartz Power Group is an energy company that  supplies power to homes across the UK. The Human Resources Departmental managers have just started their weekly team meeting, led by Paul – the Head of HR. In this meeting, the members of the Human Resource Departmentpresent each of their weekly status to the Head of Human Resources (HRD).  Based on our analysis, this can be considered as a good and effective meeting because of the following reasons:

  1. The purpose of the meeting is clear, which is for each section head of HRD to provide status updates. This meeting also works according to procedure. Furthermore, because this is a weekly meeting, all of the participants understand the agenda and are prepared.
  2. The meeting is headed by a Chairman, the head of HRD, who controls the discussions.
  3. The length of time of the meeting is correctly defined by the chairman at the start of the meeting. The chairmanbegins by stating that the meeting should only last for 20 minutes so that they can have time for main items afterwards.
  4. All the members of the team are in attendance. Although one member came in late, our group thinks that the chairman should keep everything on schedule and being late shouldn’t be permitted.Because if the meeting starts on time, many things can be covered, and the meeting will be more efficient.
  5. The chairman controls the meeting by hearing each member’sreports and issues in turn. One person speaks at a time and there are no interruptions.
  6. Each member is given an opportunity to make a contribution to the meeting. When a member of the meeting givesan opinion, the chairmanresponds positively.
  7. The chairman checks if there are any issues or difficulties and then confers with the member what action, if any, should be taken for each problem raised.
  8. Solutions to resolve problems are given a time frame. The chairman limits one member’s task to one week so it will be done effectively.
  9. Alternative solutions are discussed, where required.
  10. At the end of each member’s report and discussion, the chairman would make a review and recap to avoid any misunderstandings and remind the member concerned of his/her next task.
  11. The chairman appears vey open and helpful when discussing issues and concerns of each member. He gives advice and sometimes volunteers to help.
  12. The meeting should be closed formally by the chairman, and he should advise the next meeting date and time.

From the video, we can know that the meeting is a status update meeting. Because the purpose of the meeting is to keep the team updated and be on top of what’s happening in the Department, each member make his/her weekly report and any issues needed  to be discussed and resolved. To summarize, the meeting can be categorized as a successful meeting, because the meeting is organized, the discussions are focused on the issues, the chairman runs the team meeting very well, friendly and informal. After all participants shared their updates, the leader recaps what they are going to do.







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