Why Listening Is Such a Big Challenge for Most People?

Why listening is such a big challenge for most people?

”While some may be impressed with how well you speak, the right people will be impressed with how well you listen,” said Mike Myatt the contributor of Forbes. Nearly every aspect of human life could be improved by better listening —  from family matters to corporate business affairs to international relations. Most of us are terrible listeners. We’re such poor listeners, in fact, that we don’t know how much we’re missing.

It is right that listening is a big challenge for most people. Simply because we always thinking that being heard is more important than hearing. We forget that the first rule in communication is to seek understanding before seeking to be understoond, and remember communication is not a one way street.

There are so many barriers to be a good listening. First, the most common one is, we are trying to impress people. Because we want to impress them, so we talk more and more share opinion and ideas, we forget that we need to stop talking and listen other people ideas. Second, because we know the answer. It means that you think you already know what the speaker wants to say, before they actually finish saying it. You might then impatiently cut them off or try to complete the sentence for them. Third, this is what I think the main problem why listening is hard, you probably don’t listen as effectively as you think you do and you probably don’t know it. (Yes?)

We can be a good listener. When we want to change ourselves to be a good listener, listening is no longer a big challenge for us. As Mike Myatt suggests, “Allow me to leave you with one final thought to reflect on – if you’re ready for advanced listening skills, don’t just listen to those who agree with you, but actively seek out dissenting opinions and thoughts. Listen to those that confront you, challenge you, stretch you, and develop you.”





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