Softskill Penulisan Bahasa Iklan: SCRIPT YourZone Energy Drink

Nama : Anggiana Yuanita Fardhani

NPM : 11614238

Kelas : 1SA06

Off Screen:

Director: DelsyAnditaGouw

Assistant Director: PipinAnjarsari

Cameraman: Katrina Desiree

On Screen:

Student 1: Tiara Andita

Student 2: AnggianaYuanita

Student 3: NisrinaAyuLatifa

Professor: Muhammad Fadhil

On a hot, tiring school day..

(The students are sitting on their desks. They are bored, tired, and sweaty. All of the students are fanning themselves with pieces of scrap paper.)

Student 1: Oh God, it sure is a hot day guys. Do you feel the heat? Or is it just me?

(Other students nod their heads)

(Professor walks in with books in hand)

Professor: Good afternoon class! Today we’ll be studying mathematics! ”

(Students sigh unbearably. Then the professor starts writing on the whiteboard. Even the professor is sweating, and he soon wipes his sweat off of his face)

Student 2: *thinks aloud* I’m too hot to function. The heat is just unbearable! I’m thirsty, sleepy, and studying math is the LAST thing I want to do!

Student 3: *thinks aloud* If only I could have something to drink. Anything refreshing….

(As if the professor can read their minds, he suddenly stops writing. The students are confused. Then out of nowhere, the professor takes out YourZone Energy Drinks for the class. He then slams one on Student 1’s table)


(Students fall from their chairs, over reacting. Student 1 takes the bottle and drinks it. After taking several gulps she starts feeling the energy kicking in. Student 2 and student 3 then take a gulp and join student 1. All the students stand on their chairs and start to dance uncontrollably. Professor joins the dance)

Narrator (Professor dubbing):  *Professor looks into camera and starts moving his mouth, in reality the one speaking is the narrator) YourZone! The energy drink that keeps you moving! Filled with vitamins and electrolytes to fill up your energy. To give a kick to your tiring day!

Professor: Okay that’s enough guys… Back to Mathematics!

(Students all look at each other and sigh deeply)

Book Review: Populatti by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper

I received a copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I joined Net Galley 3 weeks ago. I chose this book because the cover very interesting. I like any cover books that looks girly. So I started this book, I read it when I don’t have a lot of works to do.

Basically, the main character, Livi, is part of this online group called Populatti, a social media site that her friend Crystal (a computer programming genius that *needs* the site to get into college) created that’s very exclusive, members have to vote to accept people and kick them out, or they are kicked out if their rating drops too low. The site is basically used to plan parties and gossip about each other. Livi has 3 BFFs that she spends all her time with and they’re all part of this site, then she gets involved with a guy, some other girl supposedly starts rumors about her, etc – typical high school stuff.

My thought, I became so immersed in it that I had finished it later that night! It was very refreshing from the formal tones of Victor Hugo! The book has a really teenager-y feel, and it makes you feel like you’re being sucked right into Livi’s superficial world of popularity and social media.

Being about Livi’s age myself, I could really relate to this book. It was quite obviously written by someone who understands the mind of a self-conscious teenage girl and their need to be part of a group. Girls these days have such defined cliques, and the Popster clique at Livi’s high school reminds me of a few cliques I’ve had to deal with in my own life!

I really like the concept of a website with only the “elite” students of the school being allowed to join because it adds such a rivalry between students! Kids these days can go from best friends at one minute to being at one another’s throats at the next, so observing the way students handle the drama going on around them really drew me in.

I’m a sucker for romance, so one aspect of this novel that I really liked was her relationship with Brandon. They have a relationship that’s really unique for teenagers their age because throughout the course of the book, both of their reputations are on the line by being together, and you’re always wondering if they can pull through! I’m not going to give any spoilers, but the way their relationship evolves will have you on the edge of your seat!

The only part of this book that I really didn’t like was the rather abrupt ending. It leaves off with Livi in a very precarious position in terms of her social status and relationships with her friends, and I always prefer to see a book through to the end of the character’s struggle. An epilogue of some sort would have been fantastic.

Book Rating and Recommendation:

I would give Populatti a 4/5 stars for it’s original idea and insightful writing style.

I would recommend this book to any girl who loved or still loves the latest drama spill! I think every woman has an ear for gossip, even on her best day ;)

Populatti  would best suit readers ages 12-17, but I think certain older readers would also enjoy it!